Terra Lamp

Exhibited in Milan, Italy as part of a group exhibition titled Transformations, the Terra Lamp was created as part of a larger design experiment aimed at transforming iconic everyday items beyond their known contexts. The ellipsoidal lamp hangs from an 1/8” steel cable, weighs approximately seventy five pounds, and is intended to be shipped flat as a kit of parts and assembled on-site.


Year Completed: 2011
Dimensions: Ø 26.5″ x 20.5″ h
Materials: 190 – 2 3/4” Terra Cotta Flower Pots, Powder-Coated Steel, Brass Lamp Hardware

 Terra Lamp (Inside Frame)


 Terra Lamp (Flat Packing Frame)


 Terra Lamp (Everyday Great Price!)


 Terra Lamp (Laser-Cutting Pattern)


 Terra Lamp (Assembly)